Friday, June 27, 2014

Ghosts in Our Family, Part One

Today I am going to tell you about my other grandmother, Mawmaw Thib (short for Thibodeaux).  I was close to her as well; I just didn't spend as much time with her as with the Mawmaw this blog is dedicated to, Mawmaw Aguillard.  I have a lot of interesting stories about Mawmaw Thib, most of them kind of eerie.

Mawmaw was one of the kindest people I ever knew.  She was also one of the most interesting.  Like Mawmaw Aguillard, she had lost people dear to her, including her first three children.  They were either stillborn or died shortly after birth.  Luckily, she went on to have four more sons, including my Daddy.

Mawmaw could not lie to save her life.  That's why her ghostly tales were so scary; I knew she would never just make something up to entertain me.  In fact, one of the scariest stories that she ever told me had a bit of physical evidence.

Mawmaw's grandparents in the woods somewhere around Breaux Bridge.  They didn't have electricity and the nearest neighbors were at least a half a mile away.  One night they were sitting in their living room lit by only a kerosene lamp.  The windows were open, as usual, because this was their only source of cool air.  Suddenly they began to hear a baby cry.  Thinking someone must have walked to their home for some unknown reason, her grandfather quickly opened the front door and walked out on to their porch.  When he didn't see anyone, he yelled out, "Hello, Hello?"  The crying got louder, but no one answered.  His wife joined him on the porch and they began to try to find the source of the mysterious wailing.  Grabbing the lantern, they began to search the property.  As they turned the corner of the house, they saw something on top of their rose bushes that stopped them in their tracks.  There was a tiny baby wrapped in a blue blanket ON TOP OF the rose bushes. The unfeasibiltiy of the situation was lost to the old woman as her maternal instincts took over.  She rushed to the bushes, grabbed for the infant, and held only a blue blanket in her arms.

The blanket stayed in our family for many, many years.  My grandmother's sister still had it when she told me the story decades after this baffling occurrence took place.

My Mawmaw Thib told me that her grandmother was never the same after that.  She just seemed to retreat into her own world.  No one has ever been able to explain what happened in those woods that night; maybe there is no explanation for such things, but they happen all of the time.

My Mawmaw Aguillard believed that these types of occurrences are often warnings or foreshadowing of some sort. I'm not sure what I believe, but I do know that there are far too many of these happenings in my family, things that I cannot explain with science, even though I would love to so that I would not have to worry about things that go bump, or cry, in the night.

Who could that baby have been, and why did the blanket not disappear with the baby?  I would love to hear your thoughts about this story or stories of the unexplained that have occurred in your own family.  Please leave comments below, and please don't forget to join my mailing list.  There are many more stories such as this one to come.

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