Mawmaw's Favorite Products

My Mawmaw knew how to find a good bargain, but she also only used products that she liked.  As I have said countless times, she was a smart cookie.  As I think of the products that she used faithfully, I will share them with you. As you will see, they have stood the test of time.

Magnalite Pots- I can't remember Mawmaw cooking in anything but a black skillet or Magnalite Pots.  She had them all.  You can still get these pots, but they are not cheap.  Luckily I inherited most of mine.  They last forever!  You can get the 8 piece set, roaster, and fry pan on Amazon or

If you have never used Magnalite pots before, you may be surprised by how heavy they are, how fast they heat up, and how amazing they are for cooking Southern food, especially Cajun food.  People around here consider magnalites a necessity.  We actually fight over who inherits them.

Cook like Mawmaw today with your own set of Magnalite pots.  Yes, they seem pricey, but remember that they last FOREVER!