My Art Projects

MawMaw Sewed a lot, and I still hold the things that she made for me near to my heart.  I can't sew, so I'm creating for my loved ones in other ways.  Like her, I don't have a lot of money to spend, so I use what I have plus a few  inexpensive supplies.  I'm getting better!  If you would like instructions on how to make anything, please email me or leave a comment.  

Old Basket Rejuvenation

This basket started out pink with stains.  My bedroom is purple, so with a little Krylon Spray Paint and a $1.00 tube of silver acrylic paint, I made a basket for my nightstand.

Paint Swatch Art

Needed supplies: Modge Podge Satin, foam brush, canvas or anything you can paint (mirror, picture frame, etc.), paint sample cards, hole punchers, glue, Krylon spray paint for painting canvas.

Project 7: Mystical Swamp

Project 6

Project 5

Project 4

Project 3

project 2 
bathroom deco

1st project
For Eleni's room